Changing lifestyles without smoking

Changing lifestyles without smoking – cigarettes or cigarettes are cylinders of paper measuring between 70 and 120 mm long (vary by country) with a diameter of about 10 mm containing dried tobacco leaves that have been chopped.

Cigarettes are burned at one end and allowed to burn so the smoke can be inhaled through the mouth at the other end.

Cigarettes Can cause heart attacks, pregnancy disorders and impotence there is a slogan that is in every cigarette in Indonesia, so that people – people no longer buy cigarettes because of that slogan.

But many Indonesians still smoke cigarettes from parents, teenagers and children, they smoke cigarettes because they want to be stylish and not stylish.

Those who smoke do not feel the pain now but in the future they will feel the danger of smoking that makes your heart feel weak and dirty.

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Change lifestyles without smoking

Now try not to smoke and try to get into your mouth by chewing gum or any candy that can make you feel good and can forget cigarettes.

If you don’t smoke it makes you feel fresh and doesn’t look weak, drink plenty of water and take vitamins to maintain your health.

When we finish eating we usually smoke because people used to say that if you don’t shop like a rich Chinese slap, so if you don’t smoke like someone there is something lacking in the mouth.

How to stop smoking Nicotine gum

Nicotine gum is good for us to stop smoking because gum can be an alternative for us to forget the smoking habit

Suction tablets are consumed by placing it on the inside of the cheeks

Sublingual tablets are consumed by placing it under the tongue

Nicotine replacement inhaler

Transdermal or nicotine patches attached to the back or upper body

Nasal or mouth spray