Some Signs If Work Makes Physical Health Reduced

Some Signs If Work Makes Physical Health Reduced – In the previous article I discussed health that needs to be done to live healthy, but now I will discuss one of them, namely about physical health that must be maintained.

But before discussing how to make our physical health healthy, I will explain some of the work that makes your physical health weak or reduced.

Because today not everyone is aware that they are more inclined to prioritize work than their personal lives, because physical and mental health is at stake.

Therefore, recognize the signs and start a change in your life if your life interferes with your personal life to mental health.

Some Signs If Work Makes Physical Health Reduced

The signs are;

Not maintaining health
Usually people who are more concerned with work are usually indifferent or indifferent to the condition of his own body, then how can you be healthy and fit if your time is spent just working.

Stressful and irritable
When life and work are no longer balanced, not only physical health is undermined but also your mental health.
Taking care of work without knowing breaks makes you vulnerable to prolonged stress. As a result, you will be more irritable, agitated, panicked, even to experience depression.

Solution to be able to divide your personal life with work

Are the signs above that you feel right now, it means that your work is actually highlighting your physical and mental health, so now is the time for you to improve little by little in order to achieve a balance between your personal life and work.

Here’s how to overcome it;

Make time management
In this case you are required to set the time of day to be able to carry out various rights and obligations that need to be lived.
So, not only work but also other important aspects in life such as mealtime, sleep, and others. All need fair portions.
Of the 24 hours owned in a day, for those times according to the list of obligations that you need to live.
Make plans every day and don’t forget to take notes on a daily calendar.

Learn to say no
It is not uncommon for someone to work excessively because it is not comfortable refusing a boss’s request to do other work outside his duties.
If you want to have a more balanced life and work, learn to say no.
Do not always say yes to other tasks that you feel will mess up time outside the office, it never hurts to say no because you have the right to enjoy free time.
Don’t bring work home
Understand carefully, you should not bring work to home, no need to check e-mails or take calls about work when you are at home.
Use time at home to rest and do other things that have nothing to do with work.

If the above method you can do then chances are you will live a moment.