Start a Healthy Lifestyle for Disease to Stay Away

Start a Healthy Lifestyle for Disease to Stay Away – All communities throughout the world are struggling to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Until now there has been no sign of infection with the virus, and on the contrary it has only increased in height.

According to WHO or the world health agency, in the official statement of the spread of the corona virus as a pandemic, the pandemic was determined following a transmission case that has infected more than 118 thousand people,

In more than 110 countries today. Pandemic is a condition, where the scale of the spread of disease has occurred globally throughout the world.

The world’s concern about the spread of this virus seems to remind us of a healthy lifestyle, which should be a consistent role model by the community. When interpreted freely, a healthy lifestyle is an effort a person can do to keep his body healthy.

Start a Healthy Lifestyle for Disease to Stay Away

Well how to be able to always be healthy and clean, so that diseases are reluctant to come to our bodies,

Someone who has good immunity, then physically he will look healthy and fit.

If you are healthy and fit, the disease will move away from your body, so how can you prevent the disease from coming into our bodies? Eating nutritious food is a major factor in living a healthy lifestyle. Requirements for healthy food are clean, have good and balanced nutrition, with carbohydrate, protein, fat, and vitamin content.

The healthy food choices recommended by health experts, are fruits and vegetables,

That efforts to prevent all diseases can be started by consuming balanced nutrition, increasing vegetables and fruit.

Frequent exercise is also good for body health

In addition to fruits and vegetables, health experts also recommend exercising diligently, getting enough rest, and not eating undercooked meat. Another lifestyle that must be started routinely.

According to government health agencies this is often washing hands with soap,

Using masks when coughing or colds, and immediately see a doctor if health problems arise.

Consumption of healthy foods with balanced nutrition that is recommended,

Of course must also be accompanied by wisdom to choose the right foods. Food products also should choose which do not contain preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and coloring.

We pray that this pandemic will pass quickly. Amen …